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Strength Training Program (Month 1/3)


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Service Description

1st of a 3-block Strength Training program catered to your specific fitness level and goals. Designed to maximize your return on investment and make the process as sustainable as possible.

-Standard protocol: full-body, 3-day/week routine focusing on key compound movements with just the right amount of accessory work.

-One-time video chat explaining all exercises, progression models, etc...

-1 month unlimited SMS support

Blocks 2, 3 - $15 - each

New Programs (not continuing blocks of original) - $40

Video chat support - additional $15/h

Focus: Progressive Overload through incrementing weights, reps, and volume over time. Example progression models we may work through are Linear, Double-progression, and Independent Set Loading.

The 1st block/month is the easiest of the 3, and for good reason! When starting a strength cycle, it is important to take advantage of your Minimum Effective Volume (how much work you need to do to see results), since it will only increase as you get stronger and more conditioned.

Sign up now to learn all of these concepts and more to help you take your fitness and physique to the next level!

Hire Sahil

$55.00 Strength Training Program (Month 1/3)

Hire Sahil

$55.00 Strength Training Program (Month 1/3)