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Nutrition Protocol (1st Month)


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Service Description

Principle-based & adjustable meal plan featuring:

-Metrics page - calculations deriving Caloric intake for training days, rest days, and "Re-feed Days."

-Meal page - sample meals based off percentages of target Calories and Protein.

-1 month unlimited SMS support

Monthly refreshes - $15 each

Video chat support - additional $15/h

With the way I design these protocols, I equip you with the key insights to adapt/adjust your meal plans as the months go by and you get closer to your goal. You should not NEED to buy additional months of meal plans, but you totally can if you need more time getting the hang of adjusting your Calorie and Protein targets!

Hire Sahil

$45.00 Nutrition Protocol (1st Month)

Hire Sahil

$45.00 Nutrition Protocol (1st Month)