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Sahil Gupta

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Hi! I'm Sahil, a sophomore at UMich studying Computer Science & Engineering, and an athlete on the university's Olympic Weightlifting Team.

I'm a Fitness junkie and Flexible Dieting enthusiast who wants to help YOU cut through the bullsh*t which plagues mainstream fitness today, and reach your fitness goals once and for all!

I use a principle-based Training and Nutrition Coaching approach. That means no cookie-cutter programs of arbitrary rep-ranges of random exercises, and no rules on exactly what to eat or when to eat it.

Rather, I will teach you progression models for essential compound exercises and accessory lifts, tailoring a power-building program to your unique level and goals.

For nutrition, I will demonstrate how to reliably estimate your BMR, NEAT, and TDEE, as well as distributing percentages of your daily caloric intake in the most ENJOYABLE and SUSTAINABLE way for you. Whether your goal is cutting, lean-gaining, or even recomposition, there is no fad diet or magic pill to get there. And you really CAN keep eating all the foods you love. Craving a king size Kit-Kat one night? Save 420 Calories.

It's simply a matter of energy balance (Calories in vs Calories Out) and sufficient protein and micronutrients. The rest is up to us on how we can set up those meals in the most effortless way possible.

I believe that independence in health & fitness is a personal journey, and should never be a dependence relation between a client and coach.

Sign up now for your first month! All the services I provide will enable you to continue on your own and make adjustments to training and eating as needed, without ever needing to pay again. Or, If an extended one-on-one coaching period is more your speed, sign up for additional months at a reduced monthly rate!

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Sahil G.
Strength Training Program (Month 1/3)$55.001st of a 3-block Strength Training program catered to y...
Health, Nutrition & Fitness
Sahil G.
Nutrition Protocol (1st Month)$45.00Principle-based & adjustable meal plan featuring: -Met...
Health, Nutrition & Fitness