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Ritu Gaikwad

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I am a UCLA Neuroscience Major Sophomore!

I am interested in healthy eating and lifestyle and my hobbies include providing creating healthy recipes for myself and exercising as much as possible. My passions lie in healthcare and mental health, and I would like to create that open platform for people to discuss their lifestyles and work with each other as a future doctor.

In my free time I love to blog, write new lifestyle articles, bake, and read fun books!

I am qualified to provide this service because I am a chronic pain patient with ulcerative colitis and eating gluten free and dairy free has helped me extensively with my pain. Working with others toward their pain-free goals in some cases as well as providing healthy, reliable meals for college students on the go is my objective.

This will benefit people that suffer from certain sensitivities and allergies to processed foods or other items that can result in certain chronic pain conditions. This will also benefit college students or any student that needs quick and easy recipe plans to make throughout their week!

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Ritu G.
Recipe Plans For Life!$15.00This service, called "Recipe Plans for Life" incorporat...