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Rachael Deng

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I'm a junior at UC Berkeley double-majoring in Public Health and Nutritional Science—but apart from my deep love for health, entrepreneurship, and technology, writing has been my passion since the day I picked up a pencil for the first time. I am skilled in both academic and creative writing, as well as literary analysis of works from plays to poems to short stories!

Awards: I earned an 800 in SAT Writing (old 2400 version). I achieved 100% on the English 10 Provincial Exam (BC, Canada), a Level 7 in IB English, and have received As in all of my English courses at UC Berkeley.

On the creative writing side, one of my poems was also chosen by the Poetry Institute of Canada to be published in their 2016 anthology, The Tracery of Trees.

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Rachael D.
Essay/Application Editing$20.00Need help on an essay? Medical school application? Crea...