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Maya Stojkovich

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I am a recent college graduate from Lehigh University. I graduated in three years with a BA in Honors English as well as a Russian minor. Soon after graduating, I started my own editing business geared towards academics and authors. As the owner of The Denver Editor, I specialize in developmental, line, and grammatical editing. I work with you to ensure your writing is clear, coherent, and compelling.

My concentration was Victorian Literature, but I also found a love for American Literature (Toni Morrison quickly becoming my favorite author). I primarily wrote on social hierarchies, gender hierarchies, neurological determinism, the evolution of drugs within the medical field transitioning to domestic life, as well as how all of these themes intersect within novels.

Some of my favorite books are: Dracula, North and South, Lady Audley's Secret, Paradise, The Woman in White, and A Little Life.

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