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Mixes by Kanchan Raju


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I can make a remix of any 2 songs of your choice! My specialty is creating mashups of English & Bollywood songs (you can check out my work on soundcloud.com/kanchanraju) :)

QUALIFICATIONS: I've trained in Bollywood dance for 12 years, Hindustani classical singing for 10 years, and piano for 8 years -- each of which has given me an in-depth understanding of rhythm, pitch, and musicality as a whole. I hope you'll consider me for your DJ needs!

$25 for 1-2 minutes

$30 for 2-3 minutes

$35 for 3-4 minutes

Hire Kanchan

$25.00 Mixes by Kanchan Raju

Hire Kanchan

$25.00 Mixes by Kanchan Raju