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Redesign Your Notes [1–2 Pages Only]


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Service Description

In 1-3 days, I can completely revamp 1–2 pages of notes and send it to you via email through a PDF file. (If you prefer more than 2 pages, please kindly refer to my other service.)

I do a combination of typing and personal handwriting. In the end, my main goal is to accentuate areas to help optimize the reading and perhaps your understanding of the subject! For instance, you can personally note if you want extra highlighting, bolded lettering, simple illustrations, etc.

Anyway, thank you very much for visiting my profile. I look forward to working with you soon ◡̈

☆ Questions to keep in mind when you contact me:

• I am committed to address barriers that people may have and I am happy to provide accommodations! Are there any that you would like me to keep in mind that can help better enhance your notes (i.e. colorblindness, color deficiency, write larger/bolder writing, brighter contrasting colors, etc.)? [And for confidentiality reasons, I will protect your sensitive information.]

• If you are mostly a visual learner, would you prefer having bold colors, a different colored paper, lined or unlined paper, extra highlighting, etc. (no extra charge)?

• Are your notes work-related, from lectures in preparation for exams, from a webinar, or for personal use?

• Are your notes highly condensed and have detailed information? In other words, does it cover the majority of spaces in every page and/or have large paragraphs? (If yes, we may have to discuss ahead of time what sections and info you believe would be the most important to keep. Thank you for your understanding!)


☆ FAQs:

(1) What kind of notes can you rewrite?

* I can offer a wide range of note-taking for any circumstances. I aim to provide you a methodical structure by rewriting your notes related to a webinar, work, general meetings, lectures, test-prep, or even for personal-oriented goals. My personal style has helped me streamline important information.

(2) Can you add additional information into my notes to help me understand its concepts?

* I won’t be able to research independently and add additional explanations into your notes; I can only use what you have provided. I also may not have expertise in some areas for me to rewrite, for instance, if I’m unfamiliar with the subject/class or I do not have proficiency in your occupation.

(3) Can you add additional info into my lecture notes? [Student Version]

* I can happily add light pointers for certain subjects that I’m proficient in! I have a strong background in biology, chemistry, genetics, anthropology, anatomy, physiology, psychology, biotech, and behavioral statistics. I can add some hints that have personally helped me for my exams.

(4) Are your notes copyrighted?

* In the past when I have collaborated with colleagues and students, I risked having my notes circulated without having my name and as a result, others may have claimed them without its ownership. So for those reasons, I will add a watermark that will not be obstructive or distracting to your notes.


☞ Legal Disclosure


► The copyright does not transfer with purchase.

► These files are original and remain the property of Chanelle Rose Leva.

► Distributing, Reselling, Sharing, or Copying Files is prohibited.

(4) What method will you send my notes?

* I can send your notes as a PDF via email. The program I use cannot process the notes into a Word file due to the nature of the program and my freehand writing/diagrams.

(5) What payment methods are accepted?

* Dormzi uses a platform called, “Stripe” to handle all online transactions. All your payment information is encrypted for your safety.

Dormzi’s FAQs: A hold will be placed on your credit card for the job amount. This will be converted to a charge when the job is completed or product shipped.


Anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information to discuss customized requests – You may contact me via Dormzi's direct message. I will get to you as soon as possible!

Thank you again for visiting ~ I hope to work with you soon!

Hire Chanelle Rose

$10.00 Redesign Your Notes [1–2 Pages Only]

Hire Chanelle Rose

$10.00 Redesign Your Notes [1–2 Pages Only]