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Becca Smitherman

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My name is Rebecca- I go by Becca. I'm 21 years old and a current student at Florida State University. I enjoy creating videos and hope to study Digital Media Production to create a stepping stone for career options in sports broadcast. I enjoy photography as a hobby but my passion resides in the videography field. Previously, I had been involved in a high school television production class known as Cowboy Television. CTV is a nationally recognized program and I created many news, sports, entertainment, and competition pieces for them over the course of my junior and senior years of high school. I also create marketing videos for a local business in my hometown that can be featured across their social media accounts. My father started this company, a hydroponic farm called Hammock Greens, and his partner brought me in to help build an online presence. I've also interned for BECON TV and won awards with them as well. During the pandemic, i’ve been making short films and creating a documentary for my younger brother’s football team. I take pride in pressing record!

I would love to bring your visions to reality— let’s create together!

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