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Plant-Based Eating 101


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Want to start eating plant-based but don't know where to start?

Have you tried going vegetarian or vegan but felt HANGRY and dissatisfied?

Andrea to the rescue! I am a vegetarian (of 5+ years), a multi-sport athlete, and a nutritionist (MS in nutrition!) and I am ready to help you transition to a plant-based diet.

I know the foods that are essential to eat together, what vitamins you will need to monitor and possibly supplement, and how to plan an effective meal plan so you are satisfied throughout the day.

Let me educate you with personalized resources, a lifestyle assessment, tips & tricks I have learned along the way, and my favorite recipes for all budgets and skill levels.

Ask me any questions!

Hire Andrea

$35.00 Plant-Based Eating 101

Hire Andrea

$35.00 Plant-Based Eating 101