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Health Assessment & Personalized Nutrition Plan


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Hire Andrea

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Share your health goals with me and I will help you achieve them!

Whether you want to lose/gain/maintain weight, eat healthier, gain muscle, lose fat, be more active, start a diet, start cooking from home, learn how to pick healthier choices at a restaurant according to your goals....or ANYTHING else related to your health and fitness - I am your girl!

I have a BS in Health & Fitness and an MS in Nutrition. I know the science of food and how to maximize what you eat to achieve your body composition goals.

By purchasing this service, I will ask for personal information from you in order for me to assess your current health and nutrition status. I will provide you with education and personalized goals to help you improve your lifestyle to become healthier.

Don't be afraid to ask questions!

With me, you will get:

- 1 month of unlimited text/email support, motivation, and check-ins

- Calorie ranges and macronutrient breakdowns that will support your desired goal.

- A safe 1-year timeline of what achieving your goal would look like

- Education materials personalized to you

- 60-minute one-on-one video call explaining your plan with plenty of Q&A

Additional video calls - $15/hour

Hire Andrea

$45.00 Health Assessment & Personalized Nutrition Plan

Hire Andrea

$45.00 Health Assessment & Personalized Nutrition Plan