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Meghana G.
Essay and Creative Writing Editing, Proofreading, and Beta Reading
$20.00I have been editing, proofreading, and beta reading for...
Chanelle Rose L.
Redesign Your Notes [1–2 Pages Only]
$10.00In 1-3 days, I can completely revamp 1–2 pages of notes...
Chanelle Rose L.
Redesign Your Notes with Skilled Note-Taker
$23.00Hello and welcome! When it comes to note-taking, I alw...



Choose From the Student Writers Available

Dormzi is a great place to leverage the next generation of freelance writers for hire. Whether you need to hire someone to write website content, such as a freelance blog writer, or you need to hire a content writer to help with social media captions, blogging or writing email campaigns, freelance writers for hire on Dormzi are an excellent resource. These are students from top tier universities, many of them majoring in english, or literature, that have a unique voice and tone to match your company or brand’s needs. Our freelance writers and freelance editors for hire are vetted through the Dormzi registration process, and are reviewed to ensure you get the best quality candidates working for you.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer on Dormzi

Dormzi’s platform makes it super easy to hire a quality freelancer! Start by browsing through the plethora of student and non-student freelancers to find someone who makes sense for the job. Whether you need someone for a one time gig or a longer term project, you’ll be able to hire someone that fits your needs well. Browse through different offerings and look at previous experience of those you are considering hiring. From there, you can start chatting with them and finalize the job details. Once hired, you can check in on the job periodically and once you approve the deliverable, the payout will go to the Dormzi automatically. All you need to do is put in your credit card details and let us do the rest of the work! All payments are encrypted and done safely through our site.

Why Choose Student Freelance Copywriters for Hire?

Student freelancers are the most cost effective solution for writing, whether you’re looking for a freelance content marketing writer, a freelance blogger or a freelance copywriter to write SEO optimized copy on your site. Along with that, if you want your copy to resonate with young people, what better than to have a young person handling your copy. They’ll be able to adjust to the tone and voice that you are looking for and get the job done. These students are majoring in relevant disciplines like english and english literature, making them very qualified for the job.

Tips for Hiring Freelance Writers Remotely

In order to have the best experience with a copywriter from Dormzi, follow these tips: • Browse Dormzi’s from different schools through our search and category functions. • Students from different universities have different specializations. • Review their previous work experience, as well as their portfolio and offering description in great detail to make sure they are the right person for the job. • Browse different price points to make sure the rate makes sense with your budget. • Use the review and rating systems before and after working with the Dormzi. Leverage our chat function to talk through details of the job before hiring.

Writer FAQs

• What does a writing job usually entail? This is up to you and your needs! Writers on Dormzi include digital marketing freelance writers, such as freelance content writers and freelance SEO writers, as well as technical writers, such as freelance bid writers and freelance proposal writers. Or maybe you just need to hire a freelance content editor to prep content for publishing • In what time frame can I expect the work to be done? This is up to what you and the Dormzi you hire decide. We suggest coming to an agreement before starting the work to avoid any confusion. • How can I make sure that it stays in budget? When you hire a freelance writer, make sure to be aware of the Dormzi’s rate. You’ll find students and non-students at all different price points on the marketplace so choosing one that is right for you is important. Depending on the nature of the job you need, you and the Dormzi can adjust pricing if need be. • What if I don’t get the deliverable I was promised? We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the freelance copywriter or freelancer copy editor you hired. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com