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Hire a Virtual Assistant to Buy Back Your Time

• VAs typically work from home, performing tasks that an administrative assistant or secretary would normally do. For example, they might schedule appointments, make phone calls, plan travel arrangements, manage email, perform social tasks (such as sending thank you notes to clients), or conduct database entry. • Some virtual assistants have more-specific jobs based on their particular skill sets. For example, a virtual assistant might do bookkeeping, conduct online research, or create presentations using raw data.

How to Hire Freelance Virtual Assistants on Dormzi

Hiring a virtual assistant on Dormzi only requires a few simple steps. Start by browsing through the plethora of freelancers, entrepreneurs, young builders, and students on the Dormzi marketplace. When you find an offering that speaks to you based off of their previous work and experience, you can directly hire them or start chatting with them through our custom messaging system. Once you have discussed the job and are confident in the Dormzi, you can move forward with the hire and input location and delivery information, if need be. The last step is payment, which also happens seamlessly through the website. All of your payment details are secure and encrypted. After hiring, you can continue to communicate with them through the messaging platform and both you and the Dormzi can update the status of the job as you go.

Why Hire a Student as Your Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a young person as your virtual assistant will allow you to leverage an extra set of hands to help with tasks at a broad level, or to work on specific skill based tasks that the Dormzi may have experience with. Students have flexible schedules rather than a 9-5 which allow them to take on additional work, but without giving the customer a rate that’s unaffordable.

Tips for Hiring Online Assistants

Some tips for hiring a virtual assistant on Dormzi: • Sort by category and browse the entire marketplace to find the right Dormzi for your specific needs.  • Keep in mind that students are from a plethora of different universities, with specializations differing as well. See which student and their background speaks to you. • Review their previous work experience and get a sense of what their specialities are. • Keep the job cost-effective by paying attention to rates when looking at offerings.  • Talk through details and questions related to the job before hiring to avoid any surprises! This is super easy to do with the custom messaging platform that is built into the Dormzi website. You can chat with anyone before moving forward with payment.

Virtual Assistant FAQs

What is a virtual assistant? • Virtual assistants are there to be an extra set of hands for you and to get done whatever it is you need. Each job will be different depending on what your needs are, whether that be scheduling meetings and appointments, making phone calls, or organizing your day to day ongoings.  How can I ensure that the job stays within my budget? • We recommend looking at a variety of different Dormzi’s at different price points to make sure that you find one that fits your budget. The agency is completely in the hands of the Dormzi to price their offering appropriately, based on their experience and skill level.  What if my Dormzi doesn’t deliver what was agreed upon? • We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the Dormzi. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com