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Sarah S.
Organic/Biochemistry Tutoring
$35.00I completed my undergrad degree in Chemical Engineering...
Sarah S.
Chemical Engineering Tutoring
$35.00I completed my Chemical Engineering degree at Cornell, ...
Kyla W.
Kyla's Writing Tutoring
$25.00I am a strong writer recently hired as a writing tutor ...
Ismail A.
UC Berkeley Instructor Teaching Networking
$1.00I've been teaching the nitty gritty of networking for t...
Jemimah M.
$0.25Feel free to schedule a one-on-one meeting with me and ...
James W.
James Wang
$40.00I go to UC Berkeley and is a Business major. In the pas...
Jessica S.
$60.00Tutoring in any subject through high school. Math level...
Alex K.
Physics and Math Tutoring
$55.00Zoom-based 1-hour tutoring sessions in Physics or Math ...
Cansin "Jansen" R.
French Tutoring
$25.001:1 French tutoring for ALL levels of proficiency! The...
Cam E.
Spanish Tutoring
$30.001:1 Spanish tutoring offered through Zoom or another on...
Pranshu G.
Engineer's Perspective
$40.00Price per hour of tutoring. I am currently an Electric...
Pranshu G.
$30.00I am a native speaker of Hindi and would love to spread...
Andrea K.
RESUME Review for Health Science Students
$45.00HIRED. That's what will happen when you submit your r...
Andrea K.
Health or Nutrition Project? Let me help!
$25.00Need help finding the BEST research articles to support...
Karim K.
STEM Tutoring
$30.00I first started tutoring my sophomore year in high scho...
Rachael D.
Essay/Application Editing
$20.00Need help on an essay? Medical school application? Crea...
Norma G.
College Essay Review
$20.00Hi there! My name is Norma Garcia and I am beyond excit...
Hibah M.
Chemistry Tutoring
$25.00I can teach high school and college level chemistry. Ra...



Choose From the Best Student Tutors for Hire

Need to hire a tutor? Look no further than Dormzi’s marketplace. On Dormzi, you’ll be able to find students well versed in whatever subject you need tutoring help in. Whether you need to hire a language tutor — a freelance English tutor, a freelance Spanish tutor or a freelance French tutor — or a tutor specializing in STEM subjects, such as a freelance tutor for organic chemistry or a freelance math tutor, Dormzi has you covered. You can even hire a programming tutor on Dormzi! For those of you on college campuses, you’ll be able to find a student who may have taken the exact same class and professor as you are. Being able to learn from a senior who has been in your shoes in the most ideal way to guarantee that you do well in your course. For those of you who are in high school or middle, these college students have also been in your shoes and are studying at top tier universities, with a great breadth of knowledge in their field. Dormzi tutors are verified and vetted through our registration process to guarantee their quality.

How to Hire a Freelance Tutor on Dormzi

Hiring a freelance tutor on Dormzi only requires a few simple steps. Start by browsing through the selection of tutors to find someone who specialized in the subject you need help with. If they attend the same university as you, that’s an added plus. You might even be able to meet up with them on campus if need be. From there, you can talk to them about what you need help with and how long you would want a session to be, and iron out any other details. Once you have chatted with them through the platform and are comfortable with their rate (this will be a lot more cost effective than more established and pricey tutors), you can move forward with the hire. All payment will happen automatically through the site once you input your information.

Why Hire College Students as Tutors?

Hiring a student as a tutor is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best help for the most affordable price. College students aren’t experienced tutors, but they have been in your shoes, taking the same classes and subjects that you have, and have mastered them. This is why a college student who attends your university or another one will have the best idea of what the subject is today and how to best help you succeed, and all at a lower price than other freelance tutoring websites.

Freelance Tutor Hiring Tips

Some tips for hiring a tutor on Dormzi: • Find someone who attends your campus if possible! • Look through the Dormzi’s past experience with the subject and specific course you are taking. • If they have taken it themselves, all the better! • Keep the job cost effective by paying attention to the rate that each Dormzi has priced their offering(s) at. • Talk through the details of the job before hiring to avoid any surprises down the line. • Clarify if you need one time help or might want to engage with them throughout the semester.

Tutor FAQs

• What does a tutoring job entail? We expect that students and Dormzi’s will be able to connect either remotely through Zoom or in person if the job allows for it. You and the Dormzi will decide on how long the tutoring session should last and if it will be a one time engagement or semester long. • What should I expect the pricing to be for different subjects? Pricing is something that we leave up to the discretion of the Dormzi. For those who have more mastery of the subject, expect a higher rate. Overall, all Dormzi’s are affordable in comparison to more established tutoring firms or agencies. • What if my Dormzi doesn’t deliver on the agreement? We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the Dormzi. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com