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Peri S.
Peri Shechtman
$350.00[Price is dependent on project scope] I will design ama...
Josh S.
$12.00Work with one of our upbeat team members to help you ge...
Josh S.
Entrepreneurship Made Simple
$97.00Welcome! We are offering an amazing low price of $97 ...
Matt S.
Fusion 360 (CAD) Design Help
$5.00Need help modeling something? Fusion 360 is a CAD softw...
Scott G.
Software Development
$40.00$40/hr for a seasoned team of software developers. We c...



Choose From the Best Student Technology Consultants

The Dormzi marketplace brings together young freelance technology consultants and workers from around the country. These are university students and young entrepreneurs looking to work and develop their skills. You’ll find freelance software developers, freelance website developers, freelance mobile app developers and freelance UI/UX designers that can fit your needs. Students and entrepreneurs on Dormzi can even offer services like freelance tech support or freelance 3D printing and freelance CAD design. All freelancers on Dormzi are vetted and reviewed through our robust registration process. Hiring a technology consultant through Dormzi will ensure you have a good experience at a reasonable cost.

Setting Up Freelance Technology Consulting Services

Hiring a freelance technology consultant on Dormzi only requires a few simple steps. Start by browsing the plethora of local and remote freelancers on the marketplace to find the right person for the job you need. Browse their offering and take a look at their previous work and experience. From there you can either hire them directly or start by sending them a message. Leverage the chat function to make sure that all job details are clear before hiring. After you have hired them, keep up with job status and updates through the Dormzi portal. Once the deliverable is in hand, you can approve the work and the payment will happen automatically.

Why Hire a Student Technology Consultant?

Technology consultants on Dormzi are qualified and driven students that offer a cost effective solution to hiring gig work. These are young people at the forefront of their field, with many studying relevant coursework in the classroom.

Freelance Tech Consultant Hiring Tips

• Use the categories to search for a Dormzi that fits your needs as a customer. • Browse student tech consultants at different universities and with different skill sets. • Take a look at previous work to see if they are a right fit. • Browse different price points. • Chat with Dormzi’s to hash out job details before hiring. • Reference reviews and ratings.

Technology Consulting FAQs

• What does a technology consultant job usually entail? Depending on what your needs are, we expect that you and the technology freelancer will come to an agreement regarding the job. Technology consulting jobs could range anywhere from web development and programming, to tech help and 3D printing. • In what time frame can I expect the work to be done? This is something that we expect you and the Dormzi to decide depending on the nature of the job and whether it is a short term gig or something that could be a longer term project. • How can I make sure that I stay in budget? We leave the agency in the hands of the Dormzi to appropriately set their rate. In order to make sure you’re in budget, browse freelancers at different price points. Once you talk through the details of the job and hire, adjusting the price is possible for the Dormzi, if necessary. • What if the Dormzi freelancer doesn’t deliver what was agreed upon? We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the Dormzi. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com