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Choose From the Best Students and Entrepreneurs

The Dormzi marketplace brings together young and vetted freelance researchers from around the country. Each Dormzie is a nascent expert in their field, each eager to help you no matter the project. Our goal is to take the time and frustration out of hiring a freelance researcher. On Dormzi you can find young entrepreneurs to hire as freelance historical researchers, freelance academic researchers, or even freelance internet research specialists. All Dormzies are vetted and reviewed through our robust registration process, so you can be confident that not only is your project getting the attention you need, but it’s getting the quality you deserve.

How to Hire a Freelance Research Assistant on Dormzi

Hiring a freelancer research assistant on Dormzi is as easy as knowing what you need. Simply start by browsing the Dormzi marketplace for local and remote talent until you find a young entrepreneur with the skills your project requires. From there you can either hire them directly or start with an introductory message. Our chat functionality makes locking down deliverables and timelines a cinch, and the Dormzi portal provides updates on the job so you’re never left in the dark. Once your project is complete, payment is as easy as confirming receipt of your deliverables--the rest happens automatically.

Why Hire Students and Entrepreneurs as Researchers?

If you’re feeling in the dark, our researchers can help light the way. Whether your project needs a freelance design researcher, a freelance data researcher, or something else altogether, our young entrepreneurs provide a cost-effective solution with mutual benefits to you and the students. Dormzies are hungry for real world experience in their field and are eager to prove themselves. Many Dormzies are enrolled at universities with cutting-edge research departments providing breakthrough developments. They have access to advanced research technology and most importantly have the time to give your project the full attention it needs.

Freelance Internet Researcher Hiring Tips

• Search categories to find the Dormzie that fits your project. From freelance photo researchers to freelance user experience researchers, whatever your project needs, there’s a Dormzie for it • When you find a Dormzie with the skills you need, get a feel for whether they’re right for your project by looking at their previous work. • Just like in any marketplace, you can also browse for different price points. • Once you have identified a Dormzie with the freelance research skills you need, our chat functionality allows you to iron out the job details before you hire them. • Don’t be shy about using their previous reviews and ratings as talking points!

Researcher FAQs

• What does a freelance researcher job typically look like? It depends on the needs of your specific project. Because Dormzies are in charge of their business, the details of your job will be negotiated between the two of you. Research assistant jobs can cover things as specific as freelance clinical research associates, freelance online researchers, and freelance security researchers, or even something as broad as freelance web researchers. It’s up to you and the Dormzie to hone in the scale and scope of your job. • How long does a job take from hiring to completion? Each job and every Dormzie are unique. How long a job takes, and whether it’s short-term or something longer-term, are entirely contingent upon the arrangements you make with your freelance researcher. • What if the Dormzi freelancer doesn’t provide our agreed upon deliverables? Our Dormzies are model community members, so if you are not satisfied with the services they have provided, we always recommend reaching out to them first. If that does not resolve the problem, please reach out to us directly via the website or by emailing us at support@dormzi.com. • Have more questions? We have you covered. Visit this page (https://dormzi.com/help/faq) for more information.