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Choose From the Best Instagram Photographers for Hire

You can hire social media photographers for Instagram and other platforms in the Dormzi marketplace. Dormzies -- our nickname for the freelancers on our marketplace -- are all young entrepreneurs looking to turn their side hustle into a legitimate business, and as members of Gen Z, they grew up with social media in the palm of their hands. They are intimately familiar with the best practices, secret strategies, and optimal framing to deliver you amazing photographs for every platform. If you need a LinkedIn profile photographer or a professional photographer for Facebook, Dormzi can bring you incredible talent at unbelievable rates. Each Dormzie is their own boss, meaning they have unparalleled flexibility in pricing and availability. Because they’re at the start of their photography careers, our student photographers for hire are hungry for the real world experience your patronage can provide. Dormzies view your project as more than a mere “gig” -- it’s an opportunity to build out their portfolios, add to their resumes, and make meaningful professional relationships. That kind of enthusiasm is priceless. When you find Instagram photographers on Dormzi, you’re not just hiring a gig worker -- you’re getting in on the ground floor with tomorrow’s photography superstars, today.

How to Hire a Photographer for Social Media Content on Dormzi

Finding a professional social media photographer shouldn’t be difficult, and Dormzi was built with that in mind. To find a freelance photographer for Instagram, start by clicking on “Photography” on the left hand side of the marketplace, then on “Social Media Photographer.” This will instantly bring you every Dormzie who lists social media photography in their offerings or profile. If you want more specific results, like “professional photographer Instagram,” just type the keywords in the search bar at the top of the page to get a list of Dormzies relevant to those phrases. An alternate way to find and hire social media photographers is to create your own Service Request. Think of this as a classified ad that Dormzies can find and respond to. Creating one is as easy as clicking on “My Requests” at the top of the marketplace, then on “Create Request” on the subsequent page. This will prompt you to fill out the needs of your project, your budget, your timeline, and any other relevant details that can help Dormzies know exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’ve found some promising photographers you can hire them directly from their profile or offering. If you’re still not quite sure on which Dormzie to hire, don’t fret! Each Dormzie has their past work, reviews, and ratings available for your perusal. This can help you hone in on the perfect photographer. And if you’re still feeling ambivalent about hiring a Dormzie, feel free to send them a message via our built-in chat functionality. This allows you to discuss their past work, your project’s needs and goals, negotiate a rate, and inform them of a timeline -- all before you hit “hire.” Dormzies love hearing from prospective clients, so don’t be a stranger. After you’ve hired a Dormzie, you can track your project by clicking on the profile icon at the top of the page, then on “My Orders.” This page is where, once your project is complete, you’ll confirm receipt of your agreed-upon deliverables. Once you do so, we’ll mark the job as finished and process the payment for you. That’s right: no invoices, no postage stamps, no headaches.

How Much Do Social Media Photographers Charge?

Each Dormzie is their own boss, so they set their own rate. That’s why you may find professional photographers for Instagram on our site with wildly different rates. When you find a social media photographer on our site, their rate will be listed in their profile or offering as either per-hour or per-project. If there’s any confusion as to which of these it is, send them a message via our built-in chat functionality to clear things up. Dormzies are excited to chat with potential customers. If you’ve found the perfect Dormzie but their rate is out of your budget, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Dormzies have much more leeway in negotiating a rate that works for you both. In the off chance that you can’t reach a mutually agreed-upon price for your project, your top choice may be able to recommend another Dormzie with the same skill set who can fit within your budget. It never hurts to ask.

Why Hire Young Freelancers as Social Media Content Photographers?

Dormzi’s freelancers are entirely Gen Z, which means that they have grown up with social media in the palm of their hands. They have a native fluency in the social media sphere, which means that they know the best way to photograph you, whether it’s for Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. To put it another way, Dormzies have been taking photographs for social media since they were old enough to hold a smartphone. Dormzies can also offer you extremely competitive rates because they are looking to build out their portfolios and resumes with your project. Each Dormzie is their own boss, so they can offer you unparalleled flexibility in pricing and scheduling. Most importantly, today’s Dormzi social media photographer is tomorrow’s magazine-cover-photo superstar.

Tips for Hiring Personal Instagram Photographers

•If you’re not sure how to determine which social media photographers to reach out to, start by looking at their past work, reviews, and ratings. This will give you an idea of what kind of projects they’ve worked on in the past, as well whether or not their previous clientele was satisfied with their service. •The most important thing when hiring a photographer for Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, is absolute comfort with them as a professional. Think of a photographer as a business partner; you need to trust their talent and ability to get the shots to make you look great, no matter the platform. •We encourage you to reach out to prospective Dormzie hires via our built-in chat functionality before bringing them onboard. This will allow you to discuss your project, its parameters, and get a sense of what chemistry you two might have before moving forward. •Once you’ve decided on a Dormzie to hire for your social media photography project, you can hire them straight from their profile or offering. When your project is complete, head to “My Orders” and confirm receipt of your agreed-upon deliverables; once you do, we’ll process your payment.

Social Media Photographer FAQs

•What are social media photographers? Social media photographers specialize in taking pictures that are optimized for social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These can be portraits, product-photos, and everything in between. Because the human brain looks at photographs on social media differently than they do in isolation (like in a frame on a bookshelf), social media photographers take into consideration how their pictures will appear on various social media feeds. This is in addition to the fundamental skills and technical expertise they must have as photographers. •What should I look for when hiring a social media photographer? The first thing you should look for when hiring a social media photographer is a portfolio that resonates with you. You can do this in our marketplace by checking out the offerings and profiles of Dormzies with social media photography listed. The next important thing is finding a photographer you’re comfortable with. Photographers and their subjects are partners in creating visual representations on camera. Every individual’s comfort level is different; some might be OK hiring a photographer based solely on their past work, while others may want to reach out via chat to get a sense of chemistry or to alleviate any hesitation. There’s no wrong way to hire social media photographers on Dormzi -- except not to do it at all. •What kinds of services do social media photographers offer? Dormzies who specialize in social media photography can help you with portraiture, product highlights, or any other photography-based assets for any social media platform. This could be a profile photo for your LinkedIn or a product photo for an Instagram ad. Each platform has its own unique quirks and idiosyncrasies, and Dormzi social media photographers will know how best to take your project and optimize it for its final destination. •What do I do if the Dormzi social media photographer doesn’t provide our agreed upon services? Our Dormzi young entrepreneurs go through a rigorous vetting and review process, so we expect you to have a seamless experience from start to finish. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the photography your Dormzi hire has provided, we always recommend reaching out to them first to resolve the issue. If that does not remedy the problem, please reach out to us directly via the website or by emailing us at support@dormzi.com. •Have more questions? We have the answers! Visit this link <https://dormzi.com/help/faq> for more information.