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Get Access To the Best Event Photographers Online

Dormzi was designed to connect you to amazing freelance event photographers at incredible rates. Dormzies–our nickname for the young freelancers in our marketplace–are young, talented, and driven, and want to help you capture amazing pictures for your event, no matter the occasion. Dormzies are at the beginning of their careers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the skill and ability to snap amazing photos. That’s because each Dormzie is vetted, reviewed, and verified, so you can rest easy knowing that the photographer you hire can deliver. In fact, it’s precisely because Dormzies are starting out in their profession that they can offer you such incredible prices for their photography services; they are hungry for the real-world experience your patronage can provide. Every time you hire a wedding photographer or bar mitzvah photographer on Dormzi, you’re helping a young entrepreneur build out their resume and portfolio, all while building out their professional network. Dormzies are their own boss, so they can provide you with unparalleled flexibility in scheduling and pricing, and unlike other freelance photographers, they view your project as more than just a mere “gig”–to them, your job is an opportunity to make meaningful connections and take a big step forward in their career. So whether you need to hire a photographer for graduation, a photographer for a baby’s first birthday, or find a freelance photographer for a wedding, incredible talent is only a few clicks away in the Dormzi marketplace.

How to Hire Freelance Event Photographers On Dormzi

When you want to find a wedding photographer, you don’t want to spend all day clicking through portfolios and sending requests for quotes. That’s why Dormzi was designed to make it easy to hire a photographer for a birthday party, graduation, and any other celebration. Start by clicking on “Photography” on the left hand side of the marketplace, then on the “Event Photography” subcategory. This will instantly show you every Dormzie with event photography listed in their profile or offering. If you want more specific results, like “engagement party photographer” or “bachelorette party photographer,” drop those keywords into the search bar at the top of the page. An alternative way to find event photographers is by creating a Service Listing. Think of these as classified ads for the Dormzi marketplace. To create one, click on “My Requests” at the top of the marketplace, then on the “Create Request” button. You will be prompted to provide details about your event photography needs, including time, location, budget, and any other relevant information you think is necessary. Dormzi event photographers can find your Service Request and submit a proposal for you to review. After you’ve found some promising event photographers, you can hire them straight from their profile or offering. If you still have questions, or want to discuss your event’s details further, we recommend sending them a message via our built-in chat functionality. This allows you to iron out the details of your project, and ensure that the corporate event photographer you hire is fully on board with what you need. If you’ve found some college graduation photographers you love, but their rate is out of your budget, chat is also a great opportunity to negotiate a price that works for you both. Since Dormzies are their own boss, they have much more flexibility in negotiating a rate that makes you both happy. Dormzies love hearing from prospective clients, so don’t be a stranger! After you’ve hired a photographer for birthdays, graduations, or other events, you can keep tabs on your project by clicking on “My Stuff” at the top of the page, then on “My Orders”. This is also where you will confirm receipt of your agreed-upon deliverables, and once you do we’ll process the payment for you. That means you don’t have to worry about receiving invoices, writing checks, or sending snail mail.

What Are Typical Event Photographer Rates?

Event photographer pricing shouldn’t be a mystery. That’s why each Dormzi photographer lists their rate either per-project or per-hour on their offering and profile. Because each Dormzie is their own boss, they are the ones in charge of setting their rate. If there is any confusion as to their rate, or if you’ve found a photographer you love but at a price that’s out of your budget, we encourage you to send the Dormzie a message via our built-in chat functionality. Dormzies have much more leeway in negotiating a rate that works for you both than photographers on other platforms, and they love hearing from prospective clients, too! In the off chance that you and your top pick can’t agree upon a mutually-advantageous rate for your project, most are willing and able to recommend another Dormzie who can provide the service you need at the price you want. It never hurts to ask!

Why Hire Young Freelancers To Photograph Events?

Every Dormzie is Gen Z, which means that they grew up with smartphones in hand, snapping pictures to chronicle their lives since they were old enough to walk. This gives them an unparalleled fluency in the language of photography. Dormzies can offer you incredibly competitive rates because they are both their own boss and at the start of their careers; they’re hungry for the real world experience your job can provide because it helps them build out their portfolio and establish their professional bonafides, all while making meaningful professional connections. Because they are their own boss, they have much more flexibility in pricing and scheduling than more-established event photographers. We also like to think of Dormzies as future superstars; hiring a Dormzie gets you in on the ground floor with tomorrow’s celebrity photographers, today.

Tips for Hiring Event Photographers

•Event photographers on the Dormzie marketplace have past work, reviews, and ratings listed in their profile. If you’re unsure of who to hire, start by reviewing these to get a sense of what they’re great at, what kind of events they’ve photographed, and what the experience was like for past customers. •We recommend messaging with prospective event photographers before hiring so you can be sure that your communication styles match. Events can be hectic spaces, so it’s important to know that you and the photographer don’t have clashing personalities. When you’re comfortable with a photographer, you’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera, too. Chatting also gives you the opportunity to negotiate a rate, see unlisted portfolio photographs, and get aligned on exactly what you’re looking for. •Once you’ve found the perfect event photographer for your project, you can hire them straight from their profile or offering. Keep track of your project by clicking on “My Orders” at the top of the page. Once you receive the final agreed-upon deliverables, confirm that your project has concluded and we’ll process the payment for you.

Event Photographer Services FAQs

•What are event photographers and what do they do? Event photographers are visual designers that use cameras to capture still images (and sometimes video) from live happenings such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, and more. Event photographers almost always edit their photographs and deliver them as analog or digital albums. Whatever your photography needs may be, there’s a Dormzie ready to help you make them a reality. •What should I look for when hiring a freelance event photographer? Event photographers almost always have a portfolio that includes examples of their previous work. This is a great place to get a sense of their compositional style, their eye for moments, and their editing technique. Equally as important to their technical prowess is your comfort with them as a person; great event photographers blend into the background, allowing them to capture images without ever becoming the focus. Check out Dormzies’ past reviews and ratings to see what the experience was like for their previous customers. If you have any questions about a Dormzies’ past work, experience, and overall vibe, feel free to shoot them a message via our built-in chat functionality. •What kinds of services do freelance event photographers offer? Dormzies who specialize in event photography can help you capture magic moments from graduations, corporate outings, birthdays, parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and more. The only limit to what they can photograph is your imagination. Event photographers almost always edit their photographs as well, compiling the best into an analog or digital album for you to keep forever. If you have any questions about the services a freelance event photographer offers, shoot them a message via our built-in chat functionality. Dormzies love hearing from prospective clients! •What do I do if the Dormzi freelance event photographer doesn’t provide our agreed upon services? Our Dormzi young entrepreneurs go through a rigorous vetting and review process, so we expect you to have a seamless experience from start to finish. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the photo services your Dormzi hire has provided, we always recommend reaching out to them first to resolve the issue. If that does not remedy the problem, please reach out to us directly via the website or by emailing us at •Have more questions? We have the answers! Visit <> for more information.