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Choose From the Best Young Personal Trainers Online

Freelance personal trainers for hire on the Dormzi marketplace are young entrepreneurs looking to transform their skills and talents into a legitimate business venture. When you hire a fitness coach on Dormzi, you’re getting top-notch talent at incredibly competitive rates. How? Because Dormzi’s freelance fitness instructors are at the start of their careers and as their own boss they can offer you much more flexibility in pricing and scheduling than the competition. And unlike other freelance gym trainers, to them your personal goals aren’t merely a “gig” – they’re an opportunity to build out their portfolio, add to their resume, and make meaningful business connections. When you find a fitness coach on Dormzi you can rest assured that they will help you reach your goals. Howso? Because each Dormzie – our nickname for the freelancers in our marketplace – is vetted, reviewed, and verified. That means before you hire a freelance fitness trainer you can look at their previous work and certifications, all before you click “hire”. Most importantly, when you find online fitness coaches on the Dormzi marketplace, you’re not just finding a freelancer; you’re starting a professional relationship with the next generation of fitness talent. Get in on the ground floor with tomorrow’s fitness superstars today.

How to Hire an Online Personal Trainer on Dormzi

When you’re looking for personal trainers to hire you want the process to be simple, easy, and fast. Dormzi was designed with these desires in mind. You can find all our talented young freelance personal trainers by heading to the marketplace and clicking on the health, nutrition, and fitness category on the left hand side, then on the fitness coach/personal trainer subcategory. If you have more specific needs from your freelance fitness instructor, use the search bar at the top of the page to find all the Dormzies with your keywords in their offering or profile. When you find a Dormzie who looks like a great fit, you can hire them outright from their profile or offering. If you have any questions about their personal trainer rates or availability, feel free to shoot them a message via our built-in chat functionality. Because your fitness goals are unique, it’s often worthwhile to discuss them with potential hires before bringing them on board. In the conversation you might even discover that they have a lot more to offer than what they listed in their offering! If you’re unsure how to start the conversation, we recommend referencing their past work, ratings, and reviews, or by providing a summary of your fitness goals. You can also create a service request with your fitness goals, timeline, and budget for Dormzi personal trainers to see and contact you with a bid. Once you’ve come to an agreement with a Dormzi personal trainer and hired them, you can track your project’s progress on the Dormzi portal. Get there by clicking on the profile icon at the top of the page and then on My Orders. Here all your current hires and projects will be listed, as well as summaries of past hires. When your training is complete, simply confirm the end of the project and Dormzi will process the payment for you. No invoices, no stamps, no worries. We’ll handle the small stuff so you can focus on the important things.

Freelance Personal Trainer Rates

Personal trainers on the Dormzi marketplace will list their rate either by the hour or by project. If you are unclear whether a Dormzie’s listed rate is for one or the other, don’t hesitate to reach out via our built-in chat functionality to enquire. Dormzies love hearing from prospective clients and can help clear up any additional questions you may have about their services, including their expertise, capabilities, scheduling, and recommendations. If you find the perfect Dormzie to reach your fitness needs but their rate is out of your budget, don’t be afraid to send them a message; you can either negotiate on a rate that works for you both, or they can recommend another personal trainer within the scope of your project. After all, each Dormzie is their own boss, which means they can provide unparalleled flexibility in pricing and scheduling. Whatever your fitness goals may be, from gaining muscle to improving flexibility, you can find top shelf talent in the Dormzi marketplace.

Why Hire Young, Aspiring Fitness Professionals as Personal Trainers?

Dormzi’s personal trainers may be at the beginning of their career, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the knowledge to help you reach your fitness goals. In fact, it is precisely because they are looking to build out their resume, portfolio, and client list that they can offer you amazing fitness coaching at incredible rates. And unlike other freelancers, for Dormzie’s you’re not just another “gig” – you’re an important part of building out their client roster and establishing their fitness training bonafides. Dormzies are enthusiastic about your patronage because it provides them real world experience and contacts that are otherwise difficult for young professionals to make. While you can hire a Dormzi personal trainer for a single session, we know you’ll love their expertise so much that you’ll want to hire them again for one-day gigs or long term projects. Think of hiring a Dormzie as getting in on the ground floor with tomorrow’s fitness superstars. After all, while they may be a Dormzie today, they are also the next generation of fitness coaching leaders.

Tips for Hiring a Personal Trainer Online

• When hiring a personal trainer on the Dormzi marketplace, the most important thing is that you trust them to help guide you towards your fitness goals. When you find fitness instructors on the marketplace who look like a good fit for you, your needs, and your budget, we recommend sending them a message via our built-in chat functionality. Here you can ask them about their background, how they can help you get to where you want, and their availability for scheduling.
 • If you’re not sure how to start a conversation with Dormzi freelance fitness instructors, don’t be afraid to reference their past work, reviews, and ratings. Dormzies are eager to demonstrate their knowledge and highlight past successes in conversation; all you have to do is reach out! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the Dormzie you hire – and confident that they can help you reach your goals.
 • While it’s easy to find personal trainers in the marketplace, if you have more specific goals in mind for your fitness needs, try using the search bar at the top of the page to discover Dormzies with relevant skills. For instance, if you want to get into powerlifting, try using that phrase in the search. You will get a list of all Dormzies with that term in their profile or offering.

Freelance Personal Trainer FAQs

• What is a personal trainer and what do they do? A personal trainer or fitness coach helps clients reach their health and fitness goals through exercise. This can be losing weight, gaining muscle, or more specific goals, such as building out specific muscle groups or strength training. Personal trainers will start by assessing their client’s current physical condition and design a workout plan tailored to them and their goals. Personal trainers can also do one-on-one coaching, providing guidance for correct workout form to help clients avoid injury, or check in regularly to ensure a workout plan is achieving the customer’s goals. Personal trainers and fitness coaches will also use check-ins to optimize the workout for their clients. A fringe benefit of hiring a personal trainer is that they become an accountability partner for workouts and can help motivate clients through difficult workouts or low-motivation.
 • How does hiring a freelance personal trainer or fitness coach work? Hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach on Dormzi was designed to be as simple as possible. Start by clicking on health, nutrition, and fitness on the left hand side of the marketplace, then on the subcategory fitness coach/personal trainer. This will instantly show you all the Dormzies who have fitness/personal training offerings published in the marketplace. If you have more specific fitness goals in mind, such as physical endurance, marathon training, or powerlifting, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to find Dormzies with those phrases in their profile or offerings. Once you’ve found a Dormzie you want to hire for personal fitness training, you can hire them straight from their profile or offering. If you still have questions, either about their rate, their availability, or their previous experience, you can send them a message via Dormzi’s built-in chat functionality. Once hired, you and your personal trainer will meet either digitally or in person for however many sessions you have agreed to. Once your sessions are complete, head to the Dormzi portal – accessible by clicking on the profile icon at the top of the page, then on My Orders – and confirm completion of your project. Then we’ll process the payment for you, and your job will be complete. That means no invoices, no snail mail, no problems. We hope you’ll be so pleased with your Dormzi hire that you’ll come back to them again and again for all future personal fitness needs.
 • How long does personal training take from start to finish? How many training sessions you want is completely up to you and your Dormzi personal trainer. Fitness coaching can be very personal, so in order to get a feel for whether or not a Dormzie is the right long-term fit for your goals, we recommend starting out by hiring them for a single session. This will let you both determine if you have the right chemistry to get you feeling healthy, fit, and fabulous. You can hire a Dormzi personal trainer for a week or for months. Your personal fitness goals will greatly influence the length of time you should hire a personal trainer for on Dormzi; marathon training will take a few months, whereas you can spend a year weight training with a Dormzi fitness coach. Just know that there is no wrong way to hire a personal trainer on Dormzi – except to not do it at all! 
 • What do I do if the Dormzi personal trainer doesn’t provide our agreed upon services? Our Dormzi young entrepreneurs go through a rigorous vetting and review process, so we expect you to have a seamless experience from start to finish. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the personal training services your Dormzi hire has provided, we always recommend reaching out to them first to resolve the issue. If that does not remedy the problem, please reach out to us directly via the website or by emailing us at
 • Have more questions? We have the answers! Visit this link <> for more information.