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Sahil G.
Strength Training Program (Month 1/3)
$55.001st of a 3-block Strength Training program catered to y...
Health, Nutrition & Fitness
Josh S.
Golf Lessons
$20.00Welcome! My name is Josh Strong and I'm from Glendora...
Health, Nutrition & Fitness
Sahil G.
Nutrition Protocol (1st Month)
$45.00Principle-based & adjustable meal plan featuring: -Met...
Health, Nutrition & Fitness



Choose From the Best Health and Wellness Students

Dormzi is the best place to find a plethora of cost-effective freelance health coaching experts. Students and young entrepreneurs on Dormzi are verified and reviewed through our robust registration process. You can be sure that the freelance wellness coaches available on the marketplace are students from top tier universities across the country and will work to meet your needs. Whether it’s a freelance personal trainer, freelance nutritionist or even a freelance sports coach, Dormzi is where you’ll find them.

How to Hire Health and Wellness Students on Dormzi

Hiring personal wellness coaches on Dormzi only takes a few simple steps. Start by browsing through the health and wellness category to find a personal health consultant that fits your needs. From there, you can either hire them directly or just strike up a conversation through our chat feature. Chatting with Dormzi’s (what we call our freelancers) to clarify the scope of the job is a great way to start. Once you are confident that you’ve found the right person based off of their previous experience and rate, you can go ahead and hire them. Both you and the Dormzi can update the status of the job at every step and once both parties have approved the work, the payout will happen automatically through your previously entered information.

Why Hire a Student for Health Coaching?

Students are a great way to find cost-effective personal health advisors — compared with other freelance health coach sites — but still have confidence in the quality of the work you are getting. Young professionals and freelancers on Dormzi are current students and recent grads at top tier universities across the country; they are qualified and committed to delivering the best work. Many of these personal health coaches and nutritionists are student athletes themselves, and have spent years on the receiving end of these services, making them experts in the field.

Freelance Health Coach Hiring Tips

• Search for a personal wellness consultant that works with your needs. • Browse students at different universities and with varying previous experience. • Browse freelancers at different price points to find something that fits your budget. • Chat with Dormzi’s to clarify job details before hiring. • Reference reviews and ratings.

Freelance Health and Wellness FAQs

• What does a health and wellness freelance job usually entail? It can be anything that fits your needs! We typically see users hiring Dormzi’s for freelance nutritionist services, freelancing personal coaching, freelance health advising, and sports coaching, to name a few. • In what time frame can I expect the work to be done? Deadlines and time frames are completely up to your discretion based on what makes sense between you and the Dormzi you are working with. We recommend discussing this before starting the job to avoid any future confusion. • How can I make sure that I stay in budget? Pricing per offering is left in the hands of the Dormzi to choose their own rate. We recommend browsing freelancers at different price points to find one that is right for you. Once you have determined the scope of the job, there is also opportunity to adjust pricing if necessary. • What if the Dormzi freelancer doesn’t deliver what was agreed upon? We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the Dormzi. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com