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Freelance Print Designer for Hire

Dormzi is a freelance marketplace designed by young entrepreneurs to make it easy for you to find talented, affordable talent fast. Our freelancers – whom we affectionately call “Dormzies” – are talented young entrepreneurs hungry to turn their side hustle into a legitimate business venture. While they may be young, we are confident they can provide you with top shelf print design illustrator services at incredible value. That’s because Dormzies are their own boss, which gives them unparalleled flexibility in negotiating competitive rates and timelines for your project. Since our freelance print designers are at the beginning of their careers, they are hungry for the real world experience your patronage can provide. In looking to build out their portfolio with your project, Dormzi print designers bring an enthusiasm that can’t be matched; while other freelance print designers may view your project as a mere gig, Dormzies view it as an opportunity make a connection, improve their skills, and start a long-lasting business relationship. When you hire a Dormzi print designer, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that they can knock your project out of the park. That’s why each Dormzie is vetted, reviewed, and verified; these young entrepreneurs have proven their mettle and are ready to show you all that they can do. It also means that on Dormzi you don’t have to worry about flakey freelancers or overpriced experts. Most importantly, today’s Dormzie is tomorrow’s CEO; when you hire a Dormzie, we hope that it’s just the beginning of a long professional relationship so you can have someone you can depend on for a one-off gig or a months-long project.

How to Hire a Print Designer on Dormzi

Finding a freelance illustrator for print design shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we simplified the process to make it easy for you to hire a print designer, no matter your project. You can start by typing keywords related to your project into the search bar, or by browsing the “print” subcategory under graphic design in the marketplace. Here we’ll bring together all the Dormzies who list graphic designer print expertise in their offerings or profiles. Once you’ve found a Dormzie or two who look perfect for your project, you can hire them straight from their profile or offering. If you’re still not quite ready to pull the trigger, don’t be afraid to shoot them a message via our built-in chat function; we encourage customers like yourself to engage directly with Dormzies before hiring. Who knows, maybe the Dormzie you want to hire for one project has skills and abilities for another! If you’re unsure how to start off your chat, we recommend you begin by referencing their past work and reviews. Once you’ve hired a Dormzie web to print designer, or for any project, you can keep track of its progress in the Dormzi portal, located in your profile under “My Orders”. And when your project is complete and you have deliverables in hand, merely confirm receipt and we’ll process the payment for you. That’s right – no snail mail, no stamps, no invoices. Finding a freelance print designer on Dormzi is easy so you can spend less time searching and more time focusing on taking your project to the next level.

Freelance Print Designer Rates

Dormzi freelance print designers typically list their rate – either by project or by hour – on their offerings. If you’re unclear on what a particular Dormzie’s rate is, feel free to shoot them a message via our built-in chat function. Because no two creative projects are the same no matter how much they may appear to be on the surface, there is no standard rate for what your project will cost. Since Dormzies are their own boss and at the start of their career, however, they are often able to negotiate a rate that works for both of you. Chatting with a Dormzie is also a great opportunity to get clarity on their timetable for completing your project, as well as for you to explain more in depth exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Hire Young Entrepreneurs for Freelance Print Design Services?

Dormzi graphic designers for print bring an enthusiasm to your project that can’t be matched by cynical over-priced “experts” in other freelance marketplaces. Dormzies are at the start of their career, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills or abilities to knock your print design project out of the park. In fact, each Dormzie is vetted, reviewed, and verified, so you can rest easy knowing that their young talent is up to the challenge. For other freelancers your project is a mere gig; to Dormzies, it’s the opportunity to show the world how much talent and skill they bring to the table. Dormzies are hungry to build out their portfolios with the real world experience you patronage can provide. Because of this, they can offer you top-shelf service at bargain prices. Most importantly, Dormzies who specialize in print design services are great for your one-off project – but we know that you’ll be so satisfied with their attitude, drive, and ability to deliver great work that you’ll want to hire them again and again, either for one-day gigs or months-long projects.

Tips for Hiring Print Designers

• You can browse for Dormzies with relevant experience using categories or subcategories, but if you already know what specific skills you’re hiring for, use the search bar and type in key phrases to help you find freelance talent, fast.
 • You can hire a Dormzie straight from their profile or service offering, but if you aren’t sure if they have the skills you need – or want to discuss their rate, your timetable, and your project’s parameters – don’t be afraid to send them a message via our chat functionality. 
 • Use a Dormzie’s previous work and reviews as a jumping off point to start a conversation. They may have a lot more relevant skills and talents than their profile is listing!
 • Track your project’s progress through the Dormzi portal. And once your project is complete and you have deliverables in hand, merely confirm receipt and we’ll process the payment.

Freelance Print Design FAQs

• What is a print designer? Print designers are artists with expertise in graphic design who specialize in creating images that will be printed onto paper. This means that the final art they create will ultimately be printed onto paper, either in limited or large scale batches. There are many different methods of printing, but they are all united by the fact that they will ultimately appear on paper. Dormzi freelance print designers often start as graphic designers with an enthusiasm for printing their works who have taken their passion and turned it into a legitimate business venture. They bring expertise in design to the printing stage of the project. If you have questions about print design, feel free to reach out to an artist who catches your eye with a message via our chat function. If you never ask, you’ll never know!
 • How does hiring a freelance print designer work?  Dormzi was designed to get you from idea to hire, fast. Start by browsing Dormzies with print design skills via the “print” subcategory nested under graphic design in the marketplace. You can also find Dormzies with relevant skills and experience by using the search bar. Once you’ve honed in on a Dormzie who fits your project’s needs, you can hire them straight from their profile, or if you have further questions or your project is somewhat complex, you can first send them a message via chat to iron out details, including their rate, timetable, and your print design parameters. Once you’ve settled on the scope and timeline of your project, your Dormzie will take it from there! Check in on your project’s progress in the Dormzi portal. When you have the deliverables in hand, confirm receipt and we’ll handle the payment.
 • How long does print design take from start to finish? No two projects are the same, so there’s no standard amount of time for print design and layout to take. Before you hire a Dormzie, be sure to hit them up via chat to ensure that they can complete the project on a timeline that works for you both. It’s always better to iron out all the details before you hire a Dormzie than to renegotiate mid-project. Trust us: taking the time to chat is worth it!
 • What do I do if the Dormzi print designer doesn’t provide our agreed upon services? Our Dormzi young entrepreneurs go through a rigorous vetting and review process, so we expect you to have a seamless experience from start to finish. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the services your Dormzi hire has provided, we always recommend reaching out to them first to resolve the issue. If that does not remedy the problem, please reach out to us directly via the website or by emailing us at
 • Have more questions? We have the answers! Visit this link <> for more information.