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Choose From the Best Young Illustrators for Hire
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Choose From the Best Young Illustrators for Hire

Dormzi is a freelance marketplace created by and for young entrepreneurs. It was designed to make finding a freelance illustrator easy from hiring to payment. When you’re looking for a freelance illustrator, you want the process to be simple. That’s why we bring you Dormzies (our affectionate term for the young entrepreneurs in our marketplace) who have each been vetted, verified, and reviewed. When you hire a freelance graphic illustrator on Dormzi, you can be confident that they have the skills, talent, and drive to knock your project out of the park. Why is Dormzi the best place to find freelance illustrators? Other freelance sites for illustrators provide you with either unreliable gig workers or overpriced experts. Our talent pool is comprised of talented young entrepreneurs looking to transform their side hustle in a legitimate business venture. Because of this, they’re hungry for the real world experience your gig can provide. In order to build out their portfolio, they have extremely competitive rates, and since each Dormzie freelance cartoon illustrator is their own boss, they can provide you with much more flexibility in scheduling, timeline, and deliverables than comparable gig workers.  When you hire a Dormzie – either as a freelance fashion illustrator or a freelance digital illustrator – you’re not hiring a stranger from the internet; each Dormzie has a profile describing who they are along with reviews and ratings of their past work, so you can make your hire with the peace of mind that they not only have relevant talents, but a personality to match! Most importantly, whether you hire a freelance botanical illustrator, a freelance book illustrator, a freelance manga illustrator, or a freelance medical illustrator on Dormzi, you’re not just hiring a gig worker; you’re starting a professional relationship with the next generation of premiere talent. We know that they’ll take your project to the next level, and hope you’ll be so pleased that you will return to them in the future – whether for one-day gigs or months-long endeavors.

How to Hire a Freelance Illustrator on Dormzi

Whether you’re looking to hire a freelance card art illustrator or a freelance children’s book illustrator, Dormzi was designed to make the process simple from start to finish. Start by browsing the graphic design category, or go deeper into the illustrations subcategory. Here you’ll find Dormzies with offerings relevant to all sorts of styles. If you have a much more specific idea of what you’re looking for, use the search bar to type in keyphrases and discover Dormzies with those keywords in their profiles.  Once you’ve honed in on a few Dormzies with the skills you want, you can hire them straight from their offering. Generally, if your project, timetable, or set of deliverables are multifaceted or more complex, we recommend you reach out to potential Dormzi hires via our chat functionality. Unsure of where to start the conversation? Reference their past work, their listed offerings, and any relevant reviews or ratings. Trust us: it’s always worth it to be on the same page before you hire! After you’ve hired the perfect Dormzie, staying abreast of your project is easy, too. Head on over to the Dormzi portal for updates on your project. And when the job is complete, payment is as simple as confirming receipt of deliverables – we’ll handle the rest. So whether you’re looking to hire freelance illustrators for children’s books, or a freelance comic illustrator for the superhero of your dreams, we know you can find the best talent at the best prices on the Dormzi marketplace.

Why Hire Young Entrepreneurs as Illustrators?

Dormzi was created to give talented young entrepreneurs a way to monetize their skills while also providing customers with a seamless experience from hiring to payment. When you hire a freelance illustrator on Dormzi, you’re not just hiring talent – you’re getting tomorrow’s Eisner award winners before they hit it big. That’s right, you can say you hired a superstar creator before it was cool. Because Dormzies are looking to build out their portfolios and make professional connections, they can offer you illustration services at extremely competitive prices. And since each Dormzie is their own boss, they have much more leeway in negotiating a timetable and set of deliverables that work for you, not the other way around. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Dormzies’ reviews and ratings – we ensure that each Dormzie is not only a talented individual, but a responsible business partner, too. So stop wondering if you can get your project completed and start up a conversation with your new favorite illustrator today!

Tips for Hiring Young Freelance Illustrators

• Finding a freelance illustrator can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be! That’s why Dormzi was designed to make the process of finding, hiring, and paying an illustrator easy from front to back. You deserve top tier talent at competitive prices!
 • Start your Dormzi adventure by browsing categories and subcategories. This will bring you Dormzies with offerings relevant to those skill sets. If you already know exactly what kind of talent your project requires, use the search bar to find Dormzies with the specific skills you need. This is best for situations where you know you want a particular type of illustrator, such as medical or manga. 
 • When you’ve honed in on a few talented young entrepreneurs with relevant skills, feel free to hire them right from their offering. If your project is more complex, however, we strongly recommend first sending potential Dormzi hires a message via our chat functionality. This allows you to learn about them, their past experience, and whether they’re the right fit for what you need. Unsure of how to start the conversation? Feel free to discuss the parameters, timetable, or deliverables for your project, or reference their past work or reviews as an illustrator.
 • Once you’ve hired a Dormzi illustrator, track their progress on the Dormzi portal. And as soon as your project is complete, payment is as easy as confirming receipt of deliverables – we handle the rest! That’s right – no snail mail, stamps, or invoices.

Freelance Illustration Services FAQs

• What is an illustrator and what do they do? Freelance illustrators are talented individuals who draw either freehand (i.e. pen or pencil or paint on paper) or digitally. Many illustrators on Dormzi are specialized in specific areas, such as children’s books, comics, medical diagrams, botanical references, fashion, and more. Dormzi freelance illustrators can take your idea and transform it into a gorgeous rendering. If you’re curious about what a particular Dormzie illustrator can do, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask! Most are excited to talk about their craft and share their past work, inspiration, and goals with you.  
 • How does hiring a freelance illustrator work? The first thing you need when hiring a freelance illustrator on Dormzi is an idea. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for you to find the perfect young entrepreneur with the relevant skills your project requires. With that in mind, you can browse Dormzies by category or subcategory, or by typing in keywords into the search bar. You can also post a request, which allows Dormzies to find you. Once you’ve found some Dormzies who look like a good fit, shoot them a message on chat to discuss your project. Even if a particular Dormzie doesn’t seem right at first glance, in conversation you may discover that they are exactly what you need! Once you’ve picked the right illustrator, track their project on the Dormzi portal, and pay them by simply confirming receipt of deliverables. Like we said, finding and hiring an amazing young illustrator shouldn’t be hard. Head on over to our marketplace and find them today.
 • How long does a freelance illustration job take from start to finish? How long your project takes to complete is entirely contingent upon its volume and complexity. Because no two projects are exactly alike, there is no standardized timeframe for illustration services. The best way to determine how much time your project will require is to use our chat function to discuss the terms of your project with prospective Dormzi illustrator hires.  
 • What do I do if the Dormzi freelance illustrator doesn’t provide our agreed upon services? Our Dormzi young entrepreneurs go through a rigorous vetting and review process, so we expect you to have a seamless experience from start to finish. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the services your Dormzi hire has provided, we always recommend reaching out to them first to resolve the issue. If that does not remedy the problem, please reach out to us directly via the website or by emailing us at
 • Have more questions? We have the answers! Visit this link <> for more information.