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Sarah S.
Organic/Biochemistry Tutoring
$35.00I completed my undergrad degree in Chemical Engineering...
Sarah S.
Chemical Engineering Tutoring
$35.00I completed my Chemical Engineering degree at Cornell, ...
Kyla W.
Kyla's Writing Tutoring
$25.00I am a strong writer recently hired as a writing tutor ...
Peri S.
Peri Shechtman
$350.00[Price is dependent on project scope] I will design ama...
Meghana G.
Essay and Creative Writing Editing, Proofreading, and Beta Reading
$20.00I have been editing, proofreading, and beta reading for...
Ansleigh H.
2D Animation
$100.00Need to move people with your app design, presentation,...
Ansleigh H.
Traditional Illustration
$70.00Hand-drawn imagery for all your creative needs. Are you...
Ansleigh H.
Vector/Digital Illustration
$70.00Vector and digital illustrations are perfect for spruci...
Ismail A.
UC Berkeley Instructor Teaching Networking
$1.00I've been teaching the nitty gritty of networking for t...
Chanelle Rose L.
Redesign Your Notes [1–2 Pages Only]
$10.00In 1-3 days, I can completely revamp 1–2 pages of notes...
Hibah M.
Graphics & Infographic Designer
$100.00Currently employed by the University of Michigan's Mult...
Ansleigh H.
Stop-Motion Animation
$100.00Hourly Wage or Project-based pricing! Shorts, Music Vid...
Hiroko J.
Pet Photography
$50.00Some say that a photograph can say more than a thousand...
Chanelle Rose L.
Redesign Your Notes with Skilled Note-Taker
$23.00Hello and welcome! When it comes to note-taking, I alw...
Sahil G.
Strength Training Program (Month 1/3)
$55.001st of a 3-block Strength Training program catered to y...
Daniel C.
Drone Photography/Videography
$50.00Can provide editing as needed. Prices will vary
Jemimah M.
$0.25Feel free to schedule a one-on-one meeting with me and ...
James W.
James Wang
$40.00I go to UC Berkeley and is a Business major. In the pas...
Marina H.
Marina Photography
$75.00I am a lifestyle photographer that shoots in natural li...
Kiate G.
Audio Mastering
$50.00Mastering Of Mixed Music, Podcasts, Etc. Includes two f...
Kiate G.
Audio Mixing
$75.00Mixing of music and podcast audio. Includes two free re...
Bobby H.
Real Estate Photo/Video
$200.00Prices vary. Get quality images and video of your prope...
Bobby H.
Photo/Video Editing
$100.00Prices vary. Already have photos/videos that you need e...
Bobby H.
Photo Shoot
$150.00Prices vary. Family Portraits, Engagement Photography, ...