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Ansleigh H.
2D Animation
$100.00Need to move people with your app design, presentation,...
Graphic Design
Ansleigh H.
Traditional Illustration
$70.00Hand-drawn imagery for all your creative needs. Are you...
Graphic Design
Hibah M.
Graphics & Infographic Designer
$100.00Currently employed by the University of Michigan's Mult...
Graphic Design
Bobby H.
Music Video/Corporate/Commercial Video Work
$300.00Prices vary depending on what you're looking for. Bobby...
Graphic Design
Matthew S.
Graphic Design
$10.00Simply provide the details needed for your graphic and ...
Graphic Design
Sarah D.
Logo & Brand Design Guide
$500.00I will create a brand identity for you product, person,...
Graphic Design



Choose From the Best Graphic Design Students for Hire

If you’re looking to hire a freelance graphic designer, look no further than Dormzi’s marketplace. You’ll find freelance graphic designer students from top tier universities around the country as well as passionate young designers and recent grads, that have been verified and reviewed through our registration process. Hiring a graphic designer from Dormzi can lend itself to a number of different projects such as logo creation, website or app design (UI/UX), custom digital artwork, email signature design, social media content creation, and tons more!

How to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer on Dormzi

Start by browsing the plethora of local and remote freelance graphic designers on the Dormzi marketplace. You can browse their offering, read their description, and reference their past work and rate. From there, you can start by chatting with them to discuss your needs, or if you are confident that they are the right fit, you can hire them directly. When hiring graphic designers online, make sure to explain the details of the job thoroughly as well as indicating a delivery location and date, if necessary. The last step is inputting payment details. The payment is seamless and encrypted through the Dormzi website so you don’t have to worry about any of your personal information being compromised.

Why Hire Students as Graphic Designers?

Graphic design students, recent grads, and young designers are at the forefront of their field, learning the latest developments in the space. These students have valuable experience but are not chained to a specific design style that they have been using for years, allowing them to cater to the customer’s style and content preferences. Student freelance graphic designers and recent graduates also offer a much more cost-effective solution to hiring an experienced professional who would charge significantly more.

Freelance Graphic Designer Hiring Tips

Some tips for how to find a freelance graphic designer on Dormzi: • Use the categories to get as specific as possible with your search for a Dormzi (that’s what we call our freelancers). • Browse students from different universities. • Take a look at their previous work that is detailed on their Dormzi profile and offering to make sure that they are the right fit for the job you need. • Look at their rate and browse a variety of different price points to find what works best for you. • Reference the Dormzi’s reviews and star rating. • Chat with them pre-hiring to clarify any specificities of the job and get a sense of the Dormzi’s workflow as well.

Graphic Design FAQs

What does a graphic design job usually entail? • Depending on what your needs are, we expect that you and the freelance graphic designer you hire will communicate to determine exactly what your job requires so that they can get it done. Graphic design jobs could range from anything as simple as a logo design, to a more long term contract role like social media content creation, and anything in between. In what time frame can I expect the work to be done? • This can vary depending on the job. It could be one to two weeks if there is only one deliverable, or it could be a longer term job. However, as with most design projects, expect there to be a couple iterations and back and forth to make sure that the Dormzi is aligning with the style you like. When hiring the Dormzi, you will be prompted to put the timeline in as part of the job requirements. How can I ensure that the job stays within my budget? • We recommend browsing the marketplace thoroughly to make sure that you see freelance graphic designers at different price points and then decide on one that works for you. The agency is completely in the hands of the Dormzi to price their offering appropriately, based on their experience and skill level. What if my Dormzi doesn’t deliver what was agreed upon? • We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the Dormzi. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com