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Pick from among Marketplace's selection of qualified student finance and accounting professionals. Whether you're looking for general help in getting your finances in order, are looking for some extra accounting support, or are looking for financial analyst, we've got what you need.
Holland A.
Financial Planning
$25.00Comprehensive overview of your financial plan with an e...
Pranshu G.
$100.00I will take a look at your current finances, and advise...



Choose From the Best Student Financial Consultants

Freelance financial consultants on Dormzi are the best people to fit any of your financial needs, whether you’re looking for a freelance bookkeeper for your small business or startup, or a freelancer to handle financial projections. These freelancers are vetted and reviewed through the robust Dormzi registration process. Freelancers on Dormzi are students majoring in finance and business at top tier universities across the country or recent grads and young builders. With financial consultants on Dormzi, you’ll be able to get quality work that doesn’t break the bank.

How to Hire a Freelance Financial Advisor on Dormzi

Start by browsing through the marketplace to find the right freelance financial consultant, part-time freelance accountant or freelance financial analyst, for your job. Students at specific universities where finance is part of the curriculum might be a better fit for you. From there, once you find the right gig and have reviewed the Dormzi's previous work experience and rate, you can go ahead and start chatting with them to figure out the details of the job. You can decide to do this either before or after hiring. Once you have hired and figured out timelines and deliverables, the payout will be the last step and will happen automatically once you and the Dormzi have approved the work on both ends.

Why Choose a Student Freelance Finance Manager?

Students on Dormzi are qualified, passionate, and driven entrepreneurs. They are more often that not majoring in the topic, in this case finance. This experience as a student of finance makes them qualified to do basic financial work for small businesses, startups, or individuals at rates that are more affordable than other finance freelance websites. They are able to fit your needs and tailor to you specifically, without compromising the quality of the work.

Freelance Financial Consultant Hiring Tips

Some tips for hiring a freelance accountant or hiring a freelance bookkeeper on Dormzi: • Figure out your needs. Is it budgeting or financial projections? Long term or one time gig? • Look through the marketplace to find someone that you feel has relevant experience or knowledge that relates to the job. • Keep the job cost effective and budget friendly by browsing Dormzi’s at different rates. • Talk through details by chatting with anyone before hiring!

Financial Consultant FAQs

• What does a financial consultant job usually entail? This is completely up to your discretion and what you and the Dormzi decide. Dormzi job postings range from freelance financial planners for individuals to freelance financial consulting services for businesses and startups. • In what time frame can I expect my deliverables? We expect you and the freelance financial consultant you hire to determine an appropriate timeline for the work that needs to be done. • How can I ensure that my job is in budget? The Dormzi’s have full agency over their rate. Make sure to browse different people at different rates. After hiring, depending on the scope of the job, there is room for adjustment if need be and if the original scope changes. • What if my Dormzi doesn’t deliver what was agreed upon? We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the Dormzi. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com