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Choose From the Best Video Producers Available

The Dormzi marketplace was designed by young entrepreneurs to be a place where customers like you can easily find talented up-and-coming freelance video producers – and where video production experts can find clients. When you want to hire a video producer you want to know that you’re getting top notch talent at affordable prices. That’s why each Dormzie (our nickname for the freelancers in the marketplace) is vetted, reviewed, and verified, so you can trust that not only can they do the work, but that they can knock it out of the park. Dormzi’s creative video producers are at the beginning of their careers and excited for the real-world experience your patronage can provide. To them, your project isn’t merely a “gig” – it’s an opportunity to build their portfolio, gain real world experience, and make life-long business contacts. Because of this, you can hire music video producers, commercial video producers, and get high quality long or short video production at a fraction of the cost of comparable freelance video production marketplaces. And because Dormzies are their own boss they can provide you with unparalleled pricing and production flexibility. When you find professional video recording services on Dormzi, you’re not just hiring a freelancer – you’re starting a professional relationship with the next generation of video talent.

How To Hire a Freelance Video Producer on Dormzi

We created Dormzi to make it easy for you to find freelance music video producers or corporate video producers. Whatever your video production needs are, you can find a solution for it on Dormzi, and fast. Start your journey by clicking on the “video production” subcategory in our marketplace in the “entertainment” section. This will show you every Dormzie who lists video production as a skilled offering. If you know what your specific needs are – like “commercial video production” or “marketing video production” – type those phrases into the search bar to get a list of Dormzies with those keywords in their offerings. Once you’ve honed in on Dormzies who look like a great fit for your production, you can hire them straight from their profile or offering. Due to the unique nature of video production projects, however, we recommend that you reach out to prospective Dormzi hires via our built-in chat functionality. This will allow you to negotiate their rate for the project along with setting terms and timelines that make sense for you both. Feel free to reference their past work to jump start the conversation! Once you’ve come to an agreement with the perfect Dormzie and hired them to take your freelance video production to the next level, head on over to the Dormzi portal to track its progress. And once the project is complete, simply confirm receipt of your agreed-upon deliverables and we’ll process the payment for you. No invoices. No stamps. We make it easy so you can focus on the important things.

Freelance Video Producer Rates

Trying to parse rates for video creator freelance talent shouldn’t be as hard as translating a foreign language. In the Dormzi marketplace, our freelancers list their rate in their offerings, either by project or by the hour. When you post a service request, you can be explicit about your budget for the project as a whole, or on an hourly basis. Don’t forget that because Dormzies are their own boss and at the start of their careers you can oftentimes negotiate for a rate far better than you could find on a comparable freelance marketplace. If you find a Dormzie who looks perfect for your project but they don’t have a rate listed in their profile or offering, don’t be afraid to send them a message via our built-in chat feature. So whether you need a freelancer to help with an educational video production or a music video, you can find top shelf talent at reasonable rates on Dormzi.

Why Hire Young Entrepreneurs as Video Producers?

Other marketplaces offer flakey freelancers or overpriced experts. When you find freelance video producers on Dormzi, you’re finding top-notch talent that’s enthusiastic about your project because it provides them with real world experience. The work they do for you helps build out their portfolio, which is why they can offer such competitive rates. Most importantly, Dormzies are in love with their craft of video production. Gen Z grew up with media devices in their hands, so they’re intimately familiar with trends, style, and technique. They speak video natively. In fact, while you can hire Dormzies for one-time gigs, we hope your hire is merely the beginning of a long term professional relationship – so you have talent you can depend on for a daylong job or a long-term project. Today’s Dormzie is tomorrow’s YouTube star. Get in on the ground floor with the next generation of acclaimed video talent, today.

Tips for Hiring Video Producers

• You can start your search for talented freelance video producers by browsing the video production subcategory underneath the entertainment grouping. This will show you all the Dormzies who list video production as a skill or offering. 
 • Have a more specific need in mind, like educational video production or music video production? Use the search bar to find Dormzies with this experience.
 • Unsure of who to hire for your freelance video production gig? No problem! Click on their profile to browse their past work and reviews. Dormzies are often multifaceted and have more skills relevant to your project than you think. 
 • Once you’ve honed in on a few Dormzies who look like they can take your project to the next level, you can hire them right away from their offering. With video production projects, however, we recommend you reach out to the Dormzies via chat to discuss your project’s parameters, your budget, and your timeline. 
 • Unsure of how to start that chat? Referencing their past work, reviews, and ratings is a great place to start. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable hiring this Dormzie. Don’t be intimidated to negotiate – if you don’t ask, you’ll never know the answer!
 • Once hired, head to the Dormzi portal to track how your project is coming along. And when it’s complete, simply confirm receipt of your deliverables  – we handle the payment, so you don’t have to worry about stamps or invoices. Spend your time focusing on your project, not on paperwork.

Freelance Video Producer FAQs

• What is a video producer and what do they do? “Video producer” is a job that covers a wide range of project types and roles. Generally speaking, they are the individuals who take your video idea and make it a reality. This includes getting a script, storyboards, or production schedule together; hiring a crew (or in many cases being the crew); shooting the video; editing it; color grading it; and finally, delivering it to you. Think of YouTube content, music videos, educational videos, or commercials – each of those has a talented video producer working behind the scenes to organize and execute the production to take an idea and turn it into a finished product. Dormzi video producers often act as “one-person bands” – that is, they can organize, shoot, edit, and deliver your production by themselves. With more complicated video productions, they may also be in charge of hiring a crew or on-screen talent. If you’re unsure of what your project needs specifically, don’t be afraid to ask!
 • How does hiring a freelance video producer work? Start your Dormzi adventure by finding a video producer in the marketplace. You can browse Dormzies in the “video production” subcategory of the entertainment group on the left hand side of our homepage. You can also use the search bar to hone in on Dormzies with specific video production experience, like music or educational videos. Once you’ve found the right Dormzie for the gig, you can hire them right from their profile. Given the complexity of video production projects, however, we recommend you first message them via Dormzi’s built-in chat functionality to discuss your project’s timeline, budget, and parameters. After your Dormzi hire has begun work on your project, you can follow its progress on the Dormzi portal; you can access this by clicking on your profile button, then on My Orders. When your Dormzie provides you with your agreed upon video deliverables, confirm receipt and we’ll process the payment for you.
 • How long does video production take from start to finish? Video production is a complex and multifaceted discipline. No two projects are the same, no matter how similar they may appear at the outset. The best way to determine how long your project will take is to message prospective Dormzi hires via our built-in chat function and discuss your project’s timeline, budget, and parameters. Trust us: taking the time to chat is worth it!
 • What do I do if the Dormzi video producer doesn’t provide our agreed upon services? Our Dormzi young entrepreneurs go through a rigorous vetting and review process, so we expect you to have a seamless experience from start to finish. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the video production services your Dormzi hire has provided, we always recommend reaching out to them first to resolve the issue. If that does not remedy the problem, please reach out to us directly via the website or by emailing us at
 • Have more questions? We have the answers! Visit this link <> for more information.