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Ansleigh H.
Vector/Digital Illustration
$70.00Vector and digital illustrations are perfect for spruci...
Firyal B.
Illustrations and Caricature Portraits
$14.99here is a guide to my prices. But of course, if you hav...
Rachana K.
Custom Daisy Seed Bead Jewelry
$7.00making custom daisy seed beed bracelets and anklets! ca...
Sarah D.
Custom Digital Portrait Illustration
$80.00I will do a custom, detailed digital portrait of you, y...



Choose From the Best Art Students for Hire

Looking for a talented freelance artist for hire? The Dormzi marketplace is the place to be. Freelance artists on Dormzi are students from top tier universities around the country that specialize in a plethora of different art forms. Along with students, you’ll find recent grads and young hustlers that are sharing their talents with the world. These young people are all verified and vetted through the Dormzi registration process, where they are reviewed based on experience and performance. There are artists on Dormzi capable of completing any project you have. Whether you need to hire a 3-D artist remotely, hire an artist to paint a picture or even hire a freelance graffiti artist locally, Dormzi has all the talent you need.

How to Hire an Artist on Dormzi

Start by browsing the marketplace to find someone that fits your needs, You’ll find local and remote freelancers and can start by reading their offering description, and then start chatting with them! By chatting with them, you can come to an agreement on the scope of the project and then get started and hire! When you hire an artist online, make sure to indicate the preferred timeline as well as all the details of the job at hand. The final step is payment through the Dormzi website. All you have to do is put in your credit card information (don’t worry everything is encrypted and processed through stripe) and your Dormzi will get their payout once the job is completed and verified by you.

Why Choose Student Artists for Hire?

Student freelance artists and recent graduates are a cost effective solution than hiring an experienced professional who would charge a lot more for the same work. Dormzi ensures the quality of our students and young entrepreneurs as they are at the forefront of their field, constantly learning and applying the latest developments and trends in the space to give you their best.

Freelance Artist Hiring Tips

• Use the categories to find the right Dormzi for your job and get as specific as possible. • Browse students from different universities and at different price points. Students from different colleges have different specialties and strengths. • Make sure to take a look at the freelancer’s previous work experience and all the relevant information on their offering. • Pay attention to their reviews and ratings to get a sense of what kinds of jobs on Dormzi they have completed in the past. • Chat with them! Chatting with the Dormzi freelancer is the best way to make sure that this Dormzi is the right one for your job. You can get a sense of their workflow and establish a timeline to avoid any confusion in the future.

Artist FAQs

• What are some examples of art jobs that I can get done on Dormzi? This can be anything that you and the Dormzi freelancer come to decide on. On the marketplace, you’ll find freelance digital artists for hire, YouTube channel artists for hire, freelance 3-D artists, animation artists for hire, drawing artists for hire, sketch artists for hire and more! • What is the timeline for my job? This is something that we leave up to the discretion of you and the Dormzi you are working with to decide on. Student schedules are more flexible, which is another advantage to working with them. You’ll be able to work with them to find something that is appropriate for both parties. We expect that there will be some back and forth or iterations as well. • How can I stay in my budget? We suggest that you check out Dormzi’s at different price points when browsing to make sure that the rate is appropriate for your budget. That being said, you are also able to talk to the Dormzi directly and chat with them about the price point if you plan to minimize or expand the scope of the project. • What if I hire a freelancer on Dormzi and they don’t deliver what was agreed upon? We would first recommend that you reach out directly to the Dormzi. If they are not being cooperative, please reach out to us directly through the website or email us at support@dormzi.com