How to Find Students for One-time Projects

  • With student’s flexible schedules, freelancing is a great way for students to monetize their skills and bring their passions to life while still in the hustle and bustle of college life. Freelancing allows students to get real world work experience, build their portfolio and resume, and make valuable connections before entering today’s tough job market. For those looking to hire freelancers without breaking the bank, students bring fresh perspectives and problem solving skills to the table without compromising on quality.

Factors to Consider When Hiring College Students

  • Hiring a student has never been easier than it is today. As of 2020, 42% of the U.S. workforce is working remotely, making it easier than ever to hire a talented student from a top tier university. College students' passion and hunger for growth along with the freedom and agency over their schedule and responsibilities make them amazing freelancers for short term projects or contract jobs that don’t necessarily require hiring someone full time.

Hiring Locally vs Remotely

  • In today’s digital world, figuring out how to hire students remotely is easier than ever. But knowing where to post jobs for college students can by tricky. Dormzi’s marketplace allows you to view students from universities all across the country. Looking for an expert engineer to code your website? Browse students from UC Berkeley and University of Michigan, campuses that boast some of the best computer science programs in the world. Looking to hire a creative to manage your startup’s social media or a design student to create a logo? Look no further than UCLA’s talented pool of students that take creativity to the next level. Find college students looking for work on Dormzi, and work with them from the comfort of your own home or office.

Need to know how to hire college students in person?

  • You can also browse local students in your area if the job requires it. Being near a college campus is an added plus if you want to post part-time jobs for college students for task based jobs like moving, in person tech help, and other general errands.

Unpredictable Schedules

  • College is often described as a time where students have the utmost freedom. Outside of their class hours, students are able to work on their personal projects, conduct research, or get involved in clubs or sports. This freedom allows for student freelancers to be largely in charge of their schedule allowing for an easy and seamless workflow between Dormzi and customer. They aren’t chained to a 9-5 and can work whenever they have the time (outside of class time of course.) At the start of a potential job, Dormzi’s will communicate directly with the customer to figure out a timeline and work schedule that works well for both parties.

Post-graduation Job Plans

  • Students may be looking for full-time positions when they graduate. But where do college students look for jobs when they’re in college? Most jobs through Dormzi are short term “gig” opportunities. The decision to rehire the same Dormzi or work with them on a long term basis is completely up to your discretion as a customer. It is important to know that when hiring a Dormzi, they may be juggling other contract jobs or school responsibilities at the same time.
  • Dormzi puts students in the best possible position when looking for a long term position post graduation as it allows them to get real world experience while they are still in school, build their portfolio if they have one, or simply make meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs and builders in their space. Who knows, a job on Dormzi could turn into a long term role, or inspire a student to start their own business upon graduation.

Benefits of Working with Student Freelancers

  • We believe students are the young people building our future. They possess fresh perspectives and think creatively. Their problem-solving skills bring a priority to free-thinking that makes them unique in the freelance landscape. That is why we are passionate about empowering them and bringing their skills and perspectives to the forefront of the marketplace. Hiring students allows customers to access these fresh perspectives and talents without the price tag of a costly freelancer or the compromise of hiring someone with a cheaper rate.

They’re Passionate and Driven

  • College students across the U.S. are full of passion, creativity, and drive. College is their time for exploration and discovering what they love to do and how to expound on it without added responsibilities and pressures. The college environment gives students a place where they are surrounded by other like minded individuals, all hungry for growth and itching to make an impact on the world. Dormzi is giving them the place and opportunity to turn those passions they are discovering into businesses and futures right now rather than 10 years down the line.

They Have Up-to-date Knowledge and Skills

  • College students are at the forefront of their field, applying the knowledge and skills they are learning in the classroom to solving today’s real world problems. They just get it!

They’re a Cost-effective Solution

  • Hiring a professional with years of experience can be expensive! But having to hire someone based out of the country or with less knowledge in their field for a lower price isn’t ideal either. Hiring a student solves both of these issues as working with a student freelancer allows you to save money but not compromise on quality. If you are a small business, startup, or passionate individual looking to hire for a short term contract job such as website building, logo creation, email signatures, marketing videos or photography, hiring a student that knows what’s current in their field and offer a fresh perspective without charging too much is the ideal scenario.