How to Help Students Find Jobs While in College

Why would college students want a job?

  • There are so many benefits to working while in college. Freelance opportunities in college allow students to get real world work experience in the industry of their choice, create professional relationships, and receive financial compensation that can help pay off student loans. Moreover, freelancing allows students to have agency over their schedule and clients, so that they can still prioritize their classes, but also reap the benefits of real world work.

Real-world Work Experience

  • Real world work experience! There is nothing more valuable than getting real world work experience while still in college. Coursework and internship experience can only get students so far, whereas real world work experience gives students an edge and puts them a step ahead of their peers. A freelance or part time job through Dormzi allows students to add legitimate work in their portfolio or strengthen their professional resume. Students are able to start monetizing their passions and make connections in their industry, all while getting to do what they love.

Building a Portfolio Before Graduating

  • Freelancing while in college is an excellent way to build one’s portfolio while still in school. Individuals and brands are always looking for fresh talent and young students to hire for creative roles and these opportunities allow students to strengthen their portfolio with real world work and get experience working with clients. Being able to graduate with a robust portfolio gives students an edge over their peers that will increase their chances of finding a job upon graduation or other freelance opportunities. These invaluable work experiences allow for an easy transition into the corporate world.

Extra Spending Money

  • Financial freedom! Student freelancers working on Dormzi are able to start making their own money while still in school. This means learning how to manage finances before even leaving the nest. This additional income can finance a number of things, whether its student loans, rent payments, supplies and books, or a study abroad experience. Dormzi gives students agency over their own rates, so they won’t have to struggle through minimum wage jobs.

How to Help Students Find a Job

  • Administrators and professors can help students find a job by referring them to colleagues that are looking for work, and by exposing them to the world of freelancing. They can also give students the tools they need to start freelancing by acting as a reference for them and helping them build their portfolio or resume.

Make Sure They Have the Right Materials

  • Students going into the world of freelancing should have a good understanding of what their offering is and making sure that it is a clear cut offering. On top of that, a relevant resume or portfolio with previous work is necessary in order to prove their qualifications. Beyond that, they should be able to recognize their strengths and interests and expound on their previous work experiences in an interview setting.

Prepare Them for Interviews

  • Being confident in interview settings will be key for students to be ready to enter the workforce, whether in a traditional role or freelance. In order to support your students in this, provide them with sample interview questions, conduct mock interviews, and provide constructive feedback. This will make students more comfortable in these interview settings and allow an easy transition into the working world.

Be a Reference for Them

  • References are great to show that a candidate has worked well in a professional setting before. As a professor or administrator that knows their students, being a reference can make a huge difference in advancing a candidate's application for a job or freelance position.

Benefits of Helping College Students Find Jobs

  • Upon graduation, college students will be looking for job opportunities. Freelancing is a great way for students to start this process while still in school, and learn to manage both before entering the workforce full force. Students who end up founders of their own businesses or climbing the corporate ladder successfully end up benefiting the university by being distinguished alumni, and giving recognition and credibility to the university.

How to Use Dormzi to Provide Job Opportunities for College Students

  • Administrators and professors can use Dormzi to connect students with job opportunities that excite them. By providing them with the tools they need to become a freelancer, students can set up custom offerings on Dormzi and start making money and getting good experience while still in school.
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